Monday, November 12, 2012

New 5-Star review for my ebook Scratch on Amazon!

5.0 out of 5 stars
A wonderful, rewarding read.November 11, 2012
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This review is from: Scratch (Kindle Edition)
I first started reading scratch because of the free, relatively lengthy sample that was given and almost immediately found myself sucked into the believable, yet slightly mystical world that Wayne Wise had crafted. I was hooked, and at the extremely affordable price, dove right in.

There is nothing not to like about this novel. There's great characterization, plot progression, the pacing feels consistent and doesn't drag, and the story ends just as one expects it to given how it unfolds before the conclusion. By far, what stood out most to me were the characters. You'll almost immediately revile Billy, laugh with the adorable Michaela (Mike), empathize with Adam's personal journey of discovery, shake your head at Shelly's pettiness, admire the charming Jack, respect Caroline's wit, and so much more. You may even find yourself liking minor characters like Joe and Elmer.

The journey that Wayne Wise takes you in surprisingly packs quite an emotional punch, and I was not expecting this given the sample. While there is a "supernatural thriller" aspect to this story, it is the human characters and their interactions that make this book so compelling. They run the gamut of emotions such as: fear, selfless love, heartfelt anger, deep-seated bitterness, duty, regret, and the like. This makes them both personable and relatable. It feels like you're right alongside with them as their paths intersect with one another's in both predictable and not quite so predictable ways.

Mr. Wise's personal knowledge, love, and respect for the areas visited shine through with descriptions that make you want to visit the Record Cavern on Craig Street or the beautiful mountains of Canaan itself.

Take the plunge. You can read this wonderfully written work that's the right combination of heart, child-like awe, humor, and mysticism, just to name a few ingredients. PARENTAL ADVISORY : For the parents out there, I'd say this one is for young adults and older as there is a bit of profanity, some sexual content, some violent situations, and potentially scary supernatural portions. That being said, none of the above feel forced or excessive and only make the emotional impact that much more compelling. Treat yourself to this underpriced gem. You won't be disappointed.

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