Friday, May 13, 2011


As you may have surmised from reading these I draw. Most of what people have seen from me has been finished work. I do a lot of rough sketches on various pieces of scrap paper. The entirety of Grey Legacy Tales was pencilled on scrap paper where I worked out the composition without the pressure of it being perfect on the final bristol. I would then lightbox what I needed onto the bristol paper and move straight to the inking stage (my favorite part). Few people ever saw the roughs. Recently, thanks to Nick Marino over at Audioshocker (among other places) I've been more comfortable showing the rough stuff. I've always liked seeing this sort of thing from other artists. You can get a lot of insight into process by looking at the early stages of something. So, I'm going to start posting some of my roughs here. A lot of these will probably never actually get turned into "finished" drawings.
This is a quick sketch of Brix. I like the expression on her face a lot. I've drawn and sketched her a lot in the last couple of years, so I've become pretty comfortable with her. This was a ball point pen on a piece of scratch paper.
If you've read my first Novel, King of Summer (or heard my one public short story reading at Encyclopedia Destructica), you've been introduced to the character of Wren. She appeared in a short comics story (you can read it at Drunk Duck), drawn by Fred Wheaton. I gave him free rein to design her based on my written description. I like what he did. Part of the joy of the written word is that everyone gets to see characters in their own way. This is how I see Wren at about age 20, the way she appears in a novel I've written called This Creature Fair (more on that in the next few weeks). You don't have to see her this way.

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