Sunday, June 16, 2013

New book review in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette: NOS4A2

My review for NOS4A2, the new novel by Joe Hill is in today's Pittsburgh Post Gazette.


  1. I had mixed feelings about Heart Shaped Box (enjoyable overall, but some issues). I loved 20th Century Ghosts and felt for a time that his storytelling abilities might be best suited to shorter works. This review makes me think otherwise, though. Sounds amazing!

    Irene Jennings (Prom Dresses)

    1. Thanks Irene. While I've liked everything by Hill for the most part I thought Horns was the weakest. I loved 20th Century Ghosts and thought the same thing you did. I tend to lean much more toward full length novels than short stories but this collection was great. NOS4A2 is definitely his most mature and strongest work to date.

      If you haven't checked out Locke and Key, his graphic novel/comic book series, do so. It is only a couple of issue away from completion and the first five parts are available as trade paperbacks. Really good stuff.