Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Podcast Interview

I was a guest on today's Audioshocker podcast (Sequential Underground #25). I was interviewed by Nick Marino and and Shawn Atkins. These guys post a number of podcasts every week on a variety of subjects. Sequential Underground covers the topic of comics, primarily. We had a great conversation about my history in the comics industry, focusing on self-publishing and how that has changed over the years. We jumped from minicomics to my experiences with the Xeric Grant and, of course, talked about my new excursion into the world of Ebook publishing.
A couple of my drawings have appeared in the Project Basement section of their site.
You can listen to the Podcast at:
You can find out more about Nick and his various projects at
You can see Shawn's work at and


  1. I really enjoyed our conversation. You gotta get hooked up with Skype so you can become a regular on the Sequential Underground show!!!

  2. Wayne, what the heck! I always come into the shop and am like "Hey, you got any good indy stuff?" You never even mentioned you had stuff in the shop!

    I might have even bought that GL comic where that girl's dad was wealthy, but she was a revolutionary and I don't think you even said anything.

    Have you ever considered putting GL in an ebook format? Also, is there anything longer in the GL universe than that comic I reference above.