Friday, July 29, 2011

An addendum: Scans and Images

So after writing my last blog I was motivated to dig through some of the boxes in my basement to see if I could find any of the small press things I talked about. I'm not very organized, so this could have been quite the challenge. Thankfully, when I moved to a new house last year (after 17 years in the same place), I put a lot of this stuff in one box (not everything, apparently... grrrr!). This isn't everything, but I wanted to put up some samples. So, while this ties in, this post gives you all a rest from my long-windedness.
One of the characters I created for The Plain Brown Wrapper was Buggly, The Inbred Bear. I wrote and drew five Buggly stories that appeared. Eventually I collected all of them in my own mini-comic edition. This was the cover.
I haven't reprinted the stories anywhere yet, and I don't want to post them here. I want to keep this blog relatively PG-13 or R-rated, and they do not qualify.
The following is a sample of the kind of listing/review we would get when we sent copies to mags like Factsheet Five. I can't find any actual copies of F5.
This was from a mag called Comics FX.
In 1993 we were nominated for several small press awards in Comics Feedback magazine.
We came in second for Best Small Press Comic. The winner, Adventure Strip Digest was really good.
We only came in 4th for Best Writer, but notice who did win. Troy Hickman has written a number of titles for Image Comics in the last few years. We won the Best Mid-Magazine format handily.
The following is a copy of a pretty long interview we did for a 'zine called Webline. This is the first time I've read this in years. Interesting now to see where we were and what our plans were, especially now that so much of it didn't happen. It's also interesting to note that we both still list a lot of the same influences as we did then. Hooray for consistency. Anyone who comes into Phantom will also recognize my rants about the state of the industry. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...
That's it for now. If I find more stuff I'll post it.
Next time, back to the writing.

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